Thursday, June 8, 2017


My Linked In friend Lee just sent me a note about my rather dour post recounting my nightmare from Tuesday night. I don't know Lee well. We worked together a decade ago, briefly, in the dopiest of circumstances and never got to even bend an elbow though we both promised each other we would "soon."

That said, Lee's note was a clarion of clarity. "Write something cheerful," he wrote. Cheerfulness is not a sensibility that comes to me naturally, but I will try to write, now, something blithe and gay and merry, even.

It's a beautiful day in New York.
I have so much to do now at work.
I'm working on business I love.
I get a lot of support from above.

Yes, I have too much to do.
And often find myself split, metaphorically, in two.
But I am doing the best work of my career,
So, yeah, I'm happy, Lee, let's have a beer.

Sometimes in this space, I am darker than a Hasid's closet during a power outage.

That doesn't make me a sad dog who spreads gloom. Mostly, even at my most lugubrious, I am laughing and energetic--and enthusiastic about all that is ahead of me.

So, sorry for my occasional frowns.

Consider them turned upside-down.

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