Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Solemn Tuesday.

I wrote this for a client. They didn't buy it. So, it becomes a post.


Meet an old acquaintance.

Something you encounter every day.

And have encountered every day

probably every day of your life.


A box.


Most people live their life inside a box.

A box that tells them where to sit.

What schools they should go to.

What classes to take.

A box that pushes in.

Pushes in, sometimes, from all six sides.

Cramping you.

Closing in on you.


Boxes don't go away when you get older.

They don't get any more roomy.
Or flexible.

Or comfortable.

You don't get any more used to them.

Even if--
even when--even though you sometimes try to convince yourself it's ok.


A box.

That tells you exactly what to do.

And who to do it with.

And how to do it--the way it's always been done.

A box that tells you to toe-the-line and keep your head-down.

And don't think too much.

And don't speak up, speak out or speak your mind.


A box that says,

stay in your swim lanes.

Protect your turf.

Watch your back and watch out for the other guy.

A box that limits.


Shuts off.

And eventually destroys.

Your creativity.

Your spontaneity.

Your love of doing what you love.


You know what?

The world isn't a box.

Not when there's a place that lets you breathe.

Breathe deep.


Find somewhere that's more blue sky than dead end.

A place that's yes, and. Not, no.

A place that values you.

Your thinking.

Your ingenuity.

Your constant stream of what ifs.

A place that values you because you're you.

Not some homogenized and pre-approved version of you.

Or forced into someone you're not.


A place of freedom--not confinement.

Of autonomy not automatons.

A place where people, ideas, enthusiasm, actions, advances

don't end up like everyone else.


This box-less



place is yours to find.

With others --diverse, eclectic, nutty and brilliant.

Or maybe just you.

Maybe sometimes frustrating.

who work with clients, with each other, with the world.

To do good work.


To bring better products to market faster.

To bring better lives to more people.

To bring advancements.

To obliterate stagnation.

To push and fight and learn and laugh.

And to come in tomorrow and do it again.

And to grow and grow and grow.


Your clients.

But this is bigger than that.

This is about doing something more important.

Pushing full-force against the usual.

Saying NO to the status quo.

This is about destroying that old acquaintance.

That old box.

And imagining the future.

And even more important than imagining it.

It's making it.

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