Friday, October 26, 2007

Another way Applebee's will make you sick.

McCann-Erickson is breaking a new campaign for Applebee's featuring a spokes-apple. Hold on a sec, I'm about to roll on the floor laughing. Whew, that hurt. OK, back to the business at hand.

A spokes-apple. Stop. Stop. Stop. You're killing me.

You can watch a little of the riotous comedy here but hold onto your sides, because they're sure to be a-splitting.

Without even having seen this campaign, I'm predicting the worst, as evidenced by the still from the Adweek article on its launch.
Cliched acting in cliched situations, the joke almost invariably underscored by the arching of a single eyebrow. The spokes-apple as "deus ex-macintosh." And then the food shots, steaming, cheese, red tomato-ey and smiling people (never obese) laughing and gushing over the swill. And wait...a button at the end.

Perhaps I shouldn't pre-judge. But as they used to say in some frat houses, "Go ugly early. Avoid the rush."

PS: I'll be the first to admit, I am somewhat punctilious. But you don't have to be obsessive-compulsive to be infuriated by online typos. The Applebee's site has one that I noticed--and I wasn't looking. I know that copy, craft and carefulness are undervalued in the online era. However, to me they say, "we don't care about our product, whether it's a website or a side of fries."


neishatweed said...

he apples have myspace pages

george tannenbaum said...

i saw that. absolutely appalling.
or a-peal-ing.