Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More, more dumbness from Chevrolet.

In a previous post called "More dumbness from Chevrolet," I remarked that I thought Chevy's Malibu campaign was, in a word, crap.

Today, I paid closer attention to the outdoor I also mentioned in my previous post. Again, there are simulated hand-prints over the board, a photo of the car, and the meaningless headline "The Car You Can't Ignore." Beneath the copy there is a legal disclaimer that says something like "$19,625 list price. $26,625 as shown." This makes the ad even worse. Because my question for Chevy is this: is the $19K Malibu ignorable? Is that why you had to add 33% to the cost with options? And if the $19K Chevy isn't ignorable, why did you add so much to the car?

The same old refrain from Ad Aged. Don't lie to the people via hyperbolic advertising and false prices.

The same old refrain from Chevy. The public be damned. We'll try to shove this piece of crap down their throats.

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