Thursday, October 4, 2007

The best ad of the last ten years. Continued.

Here's something I left out of my earlier post. And here's why Ad Aged believes Madison Avenue will become, or is rapidly becoming Detroit, i.e., of no use to anyone and for all intents and purposes obsolete.

99 out of 100 scions of Madison Avenue, plus 99 out of 100 CMOs don't realize America's Next Top Model is a brilliant marketing tool--a brilliant commercial. They're still acting as if a color correct or a celebrity voice-over is the way to win over consumers.

There's a military aphorism that says Generals always prepare to fight the last war. Apparently that's true of the Captains of Industry, too.

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da wife said...

Project Runway works the same way with stores being featured (like Banana Republic), but America's Next Top Model is the best of these as Tyra not only hosts this and stars in it, but she has the rights to the various versions globally like Australia's Next Top Model, England's, etc. And then they sell them on DVD and market the hell out of them.

Mindless tv, but mighty effective marketing.