Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The revolution will be televised. And internetted. And live-evented. And guerillaed. And word-of-mouthed.

Lee Clow, he who must be listened to, has said in his Keynote Speech at Adweek's Creative Conference that the "Next Revolution" is here. "An increasingly complex and creatively challenging media environment means that agencies' "product" would no longer be defined as advertising, but as "media arts. Everything we do now is media. It's how people come to a decision about a brand." As the crippled "newsies" used to say in 1930s movies, read all about it here:

Clow's speech had further music to my ears. Artists, he said, are taking over the internet from technologists.

So, to all you internet shops out there who think sophisticated and mechanical boredom will win over consumers hearts, see ya in hell.

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T said...

thank god lee isn't 25.
i hope he hires the odd wise old man too and not just the 23 year old artists.