Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you suffer from E.D.?

We all work with myriad people who suffer from the embarrassment and pain of E.D.

No, not erectile dysfunction. E-mail dysfunction.

They cc everyone and his cousin. They don't proofread. The matter of their email is trivial. And the worst--they send an email when they should have a conversation.

E.D. is killing our business.

Don't ask your doctor.
Just stop.


neishatweed said...

Best post ever!
I've grown to hate email and the endless threads.
Why not just pick up the phone and get a definitive yes or no? Or, get off you lardass and come by and get what you want. I thought people were into immediate gratification?

Email is ruining my life.

Laura said...

Talk about wasteful spending, how much time does it take to go through our daily dumbness via e-mail? And is that billable time?

Tore Claesson said...

Cold Turkey. Hours in panic and cold sweat. May last a day, even a week. It's like being dismembered. But the relief when it becomes clear that life goes on is priceless. Well intended emails all to often lead to misunderstandings as they are conducted as if you were actually in front of a person exchanging comments. If that's hard enough for the 2 persons it normally concerns it's way confusing for all the cc's. and yes, it takes time too. Essentially emails is just the another expression for the same syndrome that causes meeting hysteria. If you're not in a meeting or on an email thread you feel like you're out of the loop, not wanted, not in.