Monday, November 10, 2008

I took a new route to work this morning.

Uncharacteristically I left my apartment late this morning--in a rotten mood I was going to defy the man! I was going to get to work AFTER nine--like 9:07. That'll show 'em.

As a consequence the subway was unusually crowded. So instead of my usual leisurely ride on the local, I took the express, and I took it about three stops south of where I usually get off. I walked to work via a different route.

What a joy.

Part of living lives of quiet desperation is never noticing the beauty around you. Never noticing the cast iron columns adorned with cast iron swirling vines. Never seeing the grandeur of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank building. Never seeing the store-front of Mr. Skewer--a Brazilian restaurant, and a nickname I wish were mine.

One of the things I noticed this morning was the broken copper-clad clock and thermometer on the old New York Sun building. You can't read the ornate letters in the photo above but they proclaim: "The Sun It Shines For All." Ah, I felt like I was on the set of "Citizen Kane." I felt for a moment I was in a different world where the sun did, or at least might have at one point, shined for all.

Here's my advice now and forever. Get lost. You will probably find something that keeps you from getting lost.

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thank you. that was awesome