Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've always been a sucker for W.C. Fields

Because I like to laugh, I like W.C. Fields. Kino, the film curators, restorers and issuers have just released a five-DVD set called D.W. Griffith's Masterworks, Volume 2.

One of the films contained in the set is a 1925 Field's/Griffith flick called "Sally of the Sawdust." That got me thinking about Fields. Here are the names of some of the characters he portrayed in a few of his movies. They make me laugh.

•Mr. Postlewhistle
•Egbert Sousé
•Cuthbert J. Twillie
•Larson E. Whipsnade Frothingill
•Professor Eustace P. McGargle
•Ambrose Wolfinger
•Harold Bissonette
•Mr. C. Ellsworth Stubbins
•The Great McGonigle/Squire Cribbs
•Sam Bisbee, Optometrist
•Nuggetville Sheriff 'Honest John' Hoxley
•Augustus Q. Winterbottom
•Cornelius O'Hare
•Prof. Henry R. Quail
•Mr. Dilweg
•Mr. Snavely
•Rollo La Rue
•Bela Toerrek
•J. Effingham Bellweather
•Richard Whitehead
•Gabby Gilfoil
•Elmer Finch
•Pa Potter
•Samuel Bisbee
•Elmer Prettywillie
•Professor Eustance McGargle

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you make ME laugh. how long did it take you to compile this list and write it out g? LOL