Monday, April 4, 2011


I don't know.
Did you do everything the client asked for from the last meeting?
Have you anticipated everything they could ask for in this meeting?
Have you thought about everything that could go wrong?
Has Bill seen it?
Has Charles seen it?
Has Lauren seen it?
Are you sure the deck is in the right order?
I know that was your recommendation last week, should that be your reco this week?
Do you think that SEC legal decision changes things?
Have you thought about directors?
Have you thought about music?
Have you thought about dps?
Have you thought about editors?
Does Frank need to see this?

Every time you create something these days it's accompanied by chatter. There are dozens of voices careening off the walls, ready to jump off a powerpoint deck and strangle your sense of confidence.

Chatter, the way I see it is propagated by people too nervous and too indiscreet to keep their fears and doubts to themselves. So they chatter out their fears. They give them air, room and light so their fears can grow.

People who chatter don't even realize they're being destructive. They harbor no malevolence. They're just inexperienced and nervous. They have no self-confidence. They are afraid their ass will get cut off at the knees. So they chatter.

Chatter has never made a good ad or television spot.
Chatter has never helped a client solve a tough problem.
Chatter has never won an award.

Despite that, some times chatterers get ahead.
They work in agencies that are careful, buttoned up and methodical.
Agencies that eliminate risk.
And they chatter their way upwards spouting all the things you haven't thought of,
all the paradigm shifts you haven't taken into account.

Chatter bounces off the halls and echoes through email and IM.

It doesn't build anything.
It just breaks things.
Mostly your spirit.
If you let it.


Tore Claesson said...

have they met Pytka yet?

geo said...

I can only hope.