Thursday, April 21, 2011

You can call me Al.

For whatever reason the hipsters who inhabit my agency are hard-pressed to call me by names that don't infuriate me. These people, who loudly proclaim brands are about conversations, don't actually know how to begin a conversation with me. It is for them that I've written this:

I do not want to be
Cold and rude,
But I won't answer
When you call me 'dude.'

I suppose that you
Should also know,
I will not respond
When you say 'hey, bro.'

I am not yo,
I am not brother,
I am the name
I got from mother.

It isn't hard,
It's not a scourge,
Just take a breath
And call me George.


Anonymous said...

The fact that young people want to have a conversation with you should be seen as a good thing. Dudes are good. Usually, when young people are nice to someone of your advanced age it's because they're trying to help you into the Ambulance.

Anonymous said...

Why cap Ambulance, dude?

Anonymous said...

Consider it an act of endearment not an insult. Fifteen years ago it was hey man. Better than stupid MF.