Monday, April 25, 2011

Truth (and soul) in advertising.

Seeing a sign like this, which I just saw on 9th Avenue between 39th and 40th, brings to my mind so much that is wrong with the advertising industry.

I find this sign amusing. Direct. Honest. Different and attention-getting. It's exactly the kind of thing you would not get from or get out of an agency. And if it did get out of an agency and to a client, it would never get approved.

The conversation would go like this.

"Can't we say 'inexpensive' instead of 'cheap.' Cheap is off brand and too downscale."

"I don't understand 'freaking.' It's too close to 'fucking.' Can't we say something more positive and appetizing? Like 'refreshing' or 'delicious?'

"Beer is fine, but it's too limited. We have lagers, and pilsners and ales, as well."

"Not to mention sodas and mixed drinks."

"And coffee, tea and bottled water. Can't you include those as well?"

So, we are left with:

Ball-less, non-descript and forgettable.


Anonymous said...

so true. Great analysis, as usual, George

Anonymous said...

The best advertising is always done by people who've never been to Ad School, never put a portfolio together and never had to answer to an arrogant self-important creative director. If we just got rid of ad agencies, we'd have a world of brilliant advertising.