Friday, April 1, 2011

I have nothing to say.

As prolific a writer as I am, there are days when I feel stymied. Where nothing bubbles to the surface. Where putting one word in front of another with some semblance of coherence or direction just isn't happening.

When it comes to writing this blog, I have a few "block busters" that help me when I am stuck. "The Economist" has a lifestyle website called I go there and see if something tickles my fancy. I also look at a site on Jewish books and learning called My other usuals are, of course, "The New York Times," and

And then I've always got my nose in one book or another, so those give me ideas. And I'm usually mid-stream in some silent movie or something by Ernst Lubitsch. That usually helps. This is from a 1930 movie he directed called "Monte Carlo."

Count Rudolph Falliere a.k.a. Rudy the hairdresser:
I have a system that can't miss. If I happened to be standing beside a brunette I bet on red. If I am standing next to a redhead I bet on black.
Armand: But suppose you're standing next to a blonde. What do you do then?
Count Rudolph Falliere a.k.a. Rudy the hairdresser: I ask where she lives.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. T,

Sounds like you're working on a boring account. Yes you're not infallible (who is) but your wit is def above the average ad guy. Get on a different acct. One that will let you strut thy stuff.



Tony Granger thinks he's infallible , but that's because he's never in the office