Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A confession.

Not to be too Manichean (look it up) about it, but basically there are two types of people in the world--and by application, two kinds of agencies.

There are the complicators.
And there are the simplifiers.

There are the "no, we can'ts.
And there are the "yes, we cans."

There are the talkers.
And there are the doers.

There are the theorists.
And there are the pragmatists.

Here's my confession.
In nearly 30 years in the business, I've worked with just one marketing person and just one agency where creative people, marketing people and media people all seemed to be on the same team.


bob hoffman said...

Someone tried to tell me you were one of those damn Manicheans and I didn't believe him. Glad you can confirm that.

jeroen bours said...

I'm around people who are trying to defy the cant's every day in this small agency of ours. We're new at it. After all these years in the business, it's such a good feeling. Because the 'trying' itself is beautiful now that we don't have to answer to no one anymore.

Anonymous said...


clark756 said...

Where and who was it? Sounds like a good place to work!