Monday, October 25, 2010

Client stories.

It seems that every client between here and kingdom come (whatever that means) has decided that the creating stories of clients who use their products will be answer all their marketing needs. Let's tell client stories! Let's show happy people! Let's use their own words! That will solve everything! People will believe them because--don'tcha see--these are real people!

Someone just mentioned that they read that there are 200,000 survivors of the holocaust. I went on to see if I could verify this statistic. And what I found was a link to survivor stories.

Here's the thing. These people lived through one of the most horrific time periods in human history. Their stories are moving, incredibly gripping. But you know something(and I realize this is horrible) most people would look at a few of these stories and say something like "these stories all run together." Or "Yeah, I've seen that before." Or, "that's not relevant to me."

What I'm saying is that viewers hardly have interest in even the most emotionally moving stories in the world. What chance do you have with client stories about a room freshener?

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Anonymous said...

maybe its because its fiction and people just know it is made to convince/trick them into buying.

as for the stories of the holocaust survivors ... i got the impression that people are ignorant and weak bigots. they dont like to inflict suffering on themselves through reading/hearing real stories of their fellow human beings. its a lack of empathy that is oh so convenient. and ubiquitous -- allowing suffering to rage on this planet. its the human condition.