Friday, October 15, 2010

Gap flap.

The false hoohah over Gap's logo imbroglio points to so much that is banal and diseased in our industry. And our world.

Gap, so far as I can discern, has been an obsolete brand for about 15 years. Who knows what they stand for or has any desire for their product?

Can a logo change that?

Surely, BP, another notable logo changer, did an exemplary job with their redesign. But along the way their Temple, Texas plant blew up killing 11 or so and their deep-water platform exploded inundating hundreds of miles of ocean and coast line with the killing efficiency of another petrochemical, napalm.

We were stupid to believe that sunshine in a logo made them sunny.

Logos are a cosmetic facade on a brand. They don't change who you are. They just change your clothes. They are pasted on superficiality if they convey something and mean nothing.


Graham Strong said...

Fashion is like money -- it's legal tender if enough people believe in the illusion.

On the other hand, the Gap is totally scamming on its "logo change". Sure sign it's jumped the shark.


Anonymous said...

You've put your finger on the vast gap between what ordinary people believe and what advertising people believe.
Bernbach did the same thing 50 years ago.

Sean Peake said...

I wonder what Uncle Slappy would say about this?