Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why is the internet so dumb?

We hear almost daily how the Internet is changing everything. People who "get" the internet are full-blown mockers of people who "just don't get it." The internet, we're told, is changing the "media landscape." (Why can't they just say 'changing media.' I've stopped at dozens of scenic overlooks and never once seen a media landscape.) The internet is changing commerce. The internet is changing customer service, education, how we fight wars, etc.

If all that is true, then why is the internet so fucking dumb? I have an absolutely complete LinkedIn profile, but got the job matches shown above. Me? Chief People Officer? That's like putting Genghis Khan in charge of a girl scout troop.

And if you can ratiocinate your way out of conceding that the internet is dumb, when will it stop generating dumbness and call it elegance and intelligence?

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