Monday, March 4, 2013

On getting reviewed.

Today, at the end of the day, I am meant to get my annual review from my boss.

There's not been a time in my 29-years in the business that I didn't harbor a small ill-feeling that I'm going to be fired.

I have no reasonable expectation of really being shit-canned. All evidence points to me receiving a glowing review. In fact, in all my years I've only ever received a less-than-good review once.

Nevertheless, such is my paranoia that I am wondering how I'll feel when I get my walking papers.

It's natural to be paranoid or neurotic.

All I need do is look around. 

There's no one else my age.

I routinely work with people the age of my daughters. Less than half my age.

And, despite the decades-long "downward pressure" on salaries, I've been able to, just barely, maintain mine.

Also, I have a big mouth.

I say what I feel--especially in this space--even when it goes against the party line.

You can see how this will add up to getting fired.

So, today I'll spend the day walking on egg-shells.

I'll probably buy a cheaper lunch than usual.

Anything to preserve my savings.

I'll probably get a good review. 

Like I said, I almost always do.

And, I believe, my principle client loves me.

Good news there.

So I probably won't be schmised.

But it never hurts to be prepared for the worst.


Unknown said...

What's your plan b, in case it happens? :)

Unknown said...

What's your plan b, in case it happens? :)

george tannenbaum said...

It went fine, Sebastian. Thank you for your concern.

terrylev said...

Plan A - work amongst adults in New Zealand. It is far, far, far away from the world.