Thursday, August 8, 2013

Medical update.

My head still isn't together.

My body is still wracked with the various lingering effects of my recent battle with pneumonia, hepatitis and atrial fibrillation.

I haven't the energy I had three weeks ago, nor do I have the ability to concentrate.

I'm sad to say my illness is persisting. It outlasted its welcome weeks ago.

That said, I am getting stronger every day.

I'm able to do more.

Able to write.

Able to make a difference.

I've learned a bit through this ordeal.

Most important, I'm hoping when I'm fully recovered to try to put a lid on the amount of work I do. In the words of my preternaturally wise younger daughter, I'm going to "rest myself before I wreck myself."

I'll shut my computer down when I've had enough and shut my brain along with it.

That said, work is important to me. Like this blog.

I will continue to attempt to be good ad it. To be strong. To be a yeoman, a stalwart.

That is who I am.

And no fucking pneumonia is going to stop me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

His head is bloodied but unbowed. Glad you're going to try to attain some work/life balance. In the end its advertising, a career were all passionate about but not worh risking your health for--your name isnt on the door nor are they paying you $1.4 million. Your daughter is smart, heed her wisdom.