Friday, August 23, 2013

Tiny bubbles.

In my high-tech office, there sits on virtually every desk desk-phones that never ring, where the message light never lights, where the receiver never receives.

A dead technology.

On the hand-piece of the desk phones, someone some years ago placed a one-inch by three-inch sticker with a QR-code on it and the headline "Understanding the Bar Code."

A still-born technology.

In my files I have a multitude of lengthy powerpoint decks that propagate the need for brand to garner Facebook "Likes." Or a strategy for Google +. Or how to gamify or Groupon interactions with our brand.

More still-borns.

What all these were, like Tulips, South Seas real estate, property in Florida, California and Nevada, like tech stocks in 2000, like perhaps the Dow today at 15,000, are bubbles.

We as an industry chase after bubbles.

God forbid we should get someplace second.

We might not seem so very very cutting edge.

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