Tuesday, September 9, 2014


For about the last three weeks, the "Blogger" program has not been working properly when I open it with Chrome. To write my daily dose of drivel, I've had to stroll over to Firefox and post from there.

I think perhaps Chrome is trying to tell me something.

I'm tapped out.

I think I have nothing left to say.

It's been a good run. Nearly 4000 posts.

Along the way, I've introduced the world to my Uncle Slappy, to the Tempus Fugit, my one fractured season in the Mexican Baseball League and I've even, now and again, written about advertising.

But I think I'm done.

The ideas aren't coming.

And frankly, since I'm freelancing now, I'm fearful of pissing people off, losing a job and the money that goes with it.

So, I'm hanging up my cleats for now.

I think this is sufficient.

I've had enough.

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