Thursday, February 19, 2015

Awards and Cadillac.

Cadillac, the once-vaunted automaker, seems to change agencies as often as John Boehner changes tanning salons. They're now at Publicis and have just launched yet another new advertising campaign themed "Dare Greatly."

If you've ever pondered how far the agency business has strayed from its original intent, you only need to read the bit of the story I've excerpted below.

While Cadillac hemorrhages sales--will they go the way of Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth and others--the advertising trade press is wondering if their newest filmic abortus "will ever win any awards."

Let me be clear.

Cadillac is all but irrelevant.

And the "Dare Greatly" spot referenced above doesn't even show the product.

Look, Cadillac is selling fewer cars per year than they sold 60 years ago when the US had only about 170 million people as opposed to our 320 million today.

Dear Cadillac Agencies and Trade Press: It's not about winning awards. It's about selling cars while you rebuild a moribund brand.

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