Friday, February 20, 2015

Stopping by Desk on a Winter Morning.

Stopping by Desk on a Winter Morning   
                                      with apologies to everyone

Whose desk this is I think I know,
I’m sure she’s on vacation though.
She will not see me working here
When she is back, I’ll have to go.

My MacBook Pro must think it queer,
I haven’t time to have a beer
Between six projects and a pitch,
When you’re freelance, that’s your year.

I’m working hard, my day rate's rich
My poor left eye though has a twitch,
From working weekends, nights, vacation
When you’re freelance, no 'on-off' switch.

My desk is humble, a temp work station
It’s here I do my best creation
And form ideas right from gestation.
When you’re freelance, you ban frustration.

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