Thursday, September 3, 2015

An imbroglio.

A friend writes:

"For most of the last month I’ve been getting in around 7 and leaving between 10PM and 4AM.

During that time, I took a lot of UBERs and a lot of Vias, a new cab-sharing service in New York.

I think all told, while I was billing 100 hour weeks, I charged $150 in taxis.

Just minutes ago, a holding company employee named ______  __________ based somewhere in India rejected my reimbursement because some of my receipts had the logo of the cab company cut off.

The inference made by Mr. __________ is, of course, that I am somehow attempting to rip-off the company. That I have an evil plan to drive a holding company with a market cap of $XX.X billion, out of business one $17 cab ride at a time.

(Let’s forget for a second that for whatever reason I am floating a $XX.X billion company a loan. That I have to outlay my money and wait for them to reimburse me.)

I realize Mr. __________  is just doing his job. I realize he has to be eternally vigilant.

But to my mind am employer-employee relationship should be based on trust. Apparently that’s notion is as quaint as antimacassars on a gingham-upholstered sofa.

So, Mr. _________ , I have spent an hour resubmitting my expenses. That probably cost the holding company $300 in lost revenue. 

Congratulations on a job well done."

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