Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Five minutes with a CRttMO.

Ad Aged: So you're the new CRttMO. I'm unfamiliar with that title. Tell me what does CRttMO stand for?

CRttMO: I am Chief Regression to the Mean Officer. I make sure, in short, that the work my holding company produces is as comfortable as an old sweatshirt.

Ad Aged: What is it exactly that you do?

CRttMO: Essentially, I bring things back to the middle. I put the status in Status Quo. If someone shows me work that is exciting, challenging and unexpected, I know how to handle that.

Ad Aged: Please elucidate.

CRttMO: Well, say I'm shown a campaign for a financial services client that doesn't feel like anything else in the category. I'm well prepared for that.

I say: The client will never buy that. 

That won't work in the category.

That's not how their customer thinks.

Ad Aged: That must be pretty disillusioning to the creative teams involved.

CRttMO: When you're in my position, you quickly learn that regressing to the mean isn't about happy creative teams. It's about making things that don't stand out.

Ad Aged: So in your aforementioned bank commercial, continue with that example.

CRttMO: I make sure there's happy tellers, smiling. A glass door with a logo on it. And--here's the kicker--a handshake between a black customer and a white banker. Once we've ticked all the standard boxes we're on our way!

Ad Aged: You've helped create work....

CRttMO: ...That stands out because it blends in. It's work that sure to not be noticed. Therefore no one gets in trouble, the client gets what they want and everyone's happy as a clam.

Ad Aged: Any final thoughts?

CRttMO: Yes. Remember my motto: Normal is the new normal. Keep that in mind and you'll shorten the distance you need to regress.

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