Friday, January 22, 2016

Nobody asked me but...

Nobody asked me, but…is a tribute to the great New York sportswriter, Jimmy Cannon. When he had no topic to write about, he'd write one of these. About everything but sports.

....I think it's strange--and some indication of the fall of man--that New York's Winter Carnival, scheduled for this weekend is closed because of an impending snowstorm.

...sometimes I dream of moving to Queens because I like complaining about traffic on the Van Wyck.

...I refuse to go to ballparks named after giant corporations.

...if the pace of business slowed by 1/3, we'd be 2/3s more productive.

...When meetings are scheduled between 12-2, lunch should always be provided.

...a really good cheeseburger might be the secret to happiness.

...not to mention a vanilla milkshake.

...I won't believe in Big Data until I stop getting junk mail and spam.

...The more I hear Ted Cruz, the more I like Benito Mussolini.

...And he ended up hanged.

...Steinbeck's Tom Joad had it right. 'I'm just trying to get by without shoving nobody.'

....if you want to see an agency at its quietest, don't stay till four am, get in at seven.

...You could do worse than listening to an hour of Bruckner in the morning.

...why is it that every time someone dies, social media acts as if no one ever died before?

...and I don't care about your recipes either.

...even if they're shot from above.

....80% of the people afraid of 'stormpocalypse 2016' will go out without a hat.

...wear a hat.

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