Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nobody asked me but…

My periodic tribute to the great New York journalist, Jimmy Cannon, who would write a "Nobody asked me but" column when he had nothing to write about.

…I don’t trust people who use the phrase “word-smithing.”

…I trust them even less if they purport to be writers.

…I love the statue of the little girl on Wall Street, but what brand was it for?

….The people most in favor of open-plan offices are people who have proper offices.

….I don’t understand 2/3 of what’s going on around me.

….I don’t think I’ll be replaced by a machine until a machine can make you laugh or cry.

….There are days I wish a machine would replace me.

…Who would have thought I’d ever miss George W. Bush.

…Though Cheney should be on a rotisserie in Hell.

…If I ran an agency, I’d close for an hour everyday so people can have a proper lunch hour.

…The world would be better off if we all took a walk around the block every day.

…If every time you open the refrigerator or closet something falls out,
you’re doing something wrong.

…I miss when baseball was played in the afternoon, in the sunshine.

…The only commercials I ever hear are played on non-commercial radio.

…I had a summer job once where I was paid in cash.
…There are few better feelings in the world than being 19, having $100 in your pocket and gas in your convertible.

…I make a lot more money now, but I felt freer then.

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