Friday, August 18, 2017

5 minutes with our CNO.

AD AGED:  Good morning. You're a CNO. Could you elaborate...that's a title I've never heard of.

CNO: Of course, mine is a new role in most agencies. But an important role nonetheless.

AD AGED: Would you tell me what CNO stands for?

CNO: Yes. I am a Chief Nod Officer.

AD AGED: Interesting. And what is it that you do?

CNO: Well, that is fairly tautological. I nod. No one nods like I do.

AD AGED: Please elucidate.

CNO: Say an employee needs a raise or has a problem with a supervisor. Naturally, they're sent to me.

AD AGED: And what do you do?

CNO: I nod. 

AD AGED: And then?

CNO: And then, nothing. 

AD AGED: So, you give the illusion of caring, the hint of action, and an inkling that you're paying attention.

CNO: [Nods]

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