Monday, August 21, 2017


It couldn't be quieter, perhaps anywhere on earth, than it is right now, on my floor at work.

There isn't another person, or another sound than the clack-clicking of the keyboard of my three-year-old Mac. I looked at my watch as I walked to work this morning and saw it was August 21st. We are 2/3 done with summer. We have one month left--if we make it without a nuclear conflagration with North Korea, some armed insurgency by the radical right, or the sun melting our ice-caps and flooding our cities.

My two cents we got lucky when we elected Donald Trump as our first Fascist president. We could have gotten a fascist who was smart, hard-working, calculating and efficient. Instead, we got a bumbling idiot who even the bumbling idiots who voted for him are realizing is a bumbling idiot.

You thank god for small favors.

Of course, Donald Trump won't be the last bumbling idiot with 20,000 nuclear warheads at his fingertips. There will be other, smarter and better bumbling idiots.

But what can you do? 

You can march and boycott Fox and boycott companies that support Fox and Breitbart and Sinclair. You can speak out and protest. You can even, in the stealth of night, throw stones through the plate-glass windows of the plutocrat class.

But all you can really do is what you can do in your own small way. You can teach your children. You can stay educated. You can speak your mind and vote your conscience.

I had a fantasy this morning that I got into a fist-fight with a Nazi somewhere down in Virginia. I said something fifth-grade to him, like if you're so tough, drop the weaponry and the body-armor and let's have it out mano-a-mano.

I was pretty tough when I was a kid, with the endurance of Stonehenge. But today, I think I would likely get my head kicked in. And I have a sinking feeling that my vaunted old-man-strength from five years or ten years back, has shrunk as my waistline has grown.

Nevertheless, though there's nothing anyone can really do to combat small-minded prejudice and hatred, I will continue to do all I can--even if it's only donating to the ACLU and dreaming of throwing red paint over the sign at Lincoln Center that says "David H. Koch Theatre."

We all do what we can.

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