Wednesday, October 18, 2017

With apologies to Dante.

There should be a ring of hell for....

....People who schedule meetings without looking at your calendar, so you always have a conflict.

....People who schedule meetings during lunch and don't provide lunch.

....People who schedule meetings.


There should be a ring of hell for...

Long single-spaced emails that hit your inbox at 8:30PM.

Shrill corporate emails telling you you're not in compliance, whatever compliance means.

Shrill corporate emails telling you to do your timesheets.

Corporate types touting the virtues of open-plan workspaces from the quiet of their private offices.

People with sloppy bathroom habits.

Jargon and the people who use it.

There should be a ring of hell for...

People who claim this channel or that channel is the answer.

People who proclaim things dead.

Gary Vaynerchuk.

People who like Gary Vaynerchuk, so he shows up in my LinkedIn feed.

People who call firing people anything but firing people. "Reductions in force," "right-sizing," "aligning with the changing media landscape" are the worst forms of lying.

People who don't have their money ready when they get to the front of a long line.

People who call men of my ilk, "stale, male and pale." That's ageist, sexist and racist.

People who write insipid lists when they've nothing to write about.

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