Friday, March 23, 2018

More lost tweets from Gary Fuckaduck.

August 11
#Headache all day. Terrible migraine. Almost makes me want to take my knit cap off when its 97-degrees out.

August 23
#When you’re done crushing it, crush it some more. Good advice for life, careers and killing cockroaches.

Sept. 3
#Life is all about balance. Especially if you start it with your father’s banking balance of $50 million.

Sept. 14
#I’m really crushing it lately. Figured out how to have three-days of stubble after just two days.

Sept. 19
#Losers can be winners if they win at losing losing.

Sept. 29
#There’s no excuse for not getting what you want. Get up at 4AM work until 3AM, curate t-shirt slogans for an hour. Who needs sleep?! If you love the hustle, you crush it.

Oct. 2
#I misplaced my hustle this morning and went to work with merely a sidle. Fortunately, I found an amble which filled in till I found my hustle again.

Oct. 15

#Don’t just sip at life, drink from the firehose. Unless there’s a fire.

Oct. 22.
#Haters gonna hate. Graters gonna grate. Waiters? Where's my gluten-free kale and quinoa salad?

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