Thursday, June 6, 2019

Agency Lie: Volume Two.

Thursday Morning Stir
June 6, 2019 - 10:00 AM Comment

A roundup of industry news from around the web.

-A rep has sent out thousands of obsequious emails urging you to use a director you’ve never heard of for a project you’ll never have.

-Latest sexual harassment video leads to hundreds of agency employees making sexually-harassing jokes.

-Salaries frozen again,” say five holding company moguls from the helicopter decks of five separate yachts moored at Cannes.

-Agency interns create pro-bono campaign about hiring more agency interns.

-Experiential agency colors actual rainbow with rainbow colors during gay-pride month.

-Slower, more complex timesheet process running on obsolete servers increases quantity of threatening emails written in ALL CAPS.

-Agency CMO not sure what Agency CMOs do.

-Agency merger gone mad? New agency has 27-initial name with fourteen ampersands.

-New social campaign for cling-free plastic-wrap aims to change both culture and world for the better, says creative team.

-$9 lunch purchased by Marketing Consultancy for $7.2 billion.

-Internal survey: employees prefer ice-cream over raises.

-“Data is the new data,” says incoming head of data consultancy.

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