Monday, November 4, 2019

An advanced course.

Course 273: 772/32        Lispcomb Hall, Rm. 232         Adjunct Professor, George Tannenbaum

The Secrets of Being an Influential Influencer

In this advanced course, we’ll discuss how you become not just an influencer, but also an influential influencer with the ability to say they’ve influenced the susceptible in an influential fashion. We’ll learn the basics of bombast, pontification, bloviation, unfounded proclamations, and spurious assertions. We’ll focus on the proclamation of expertise, lack of subject-matter-knowledge, missing thought-leadership and confident know-nothing-ness.

A special two-session intensive sub-track is required. We will study bullying and unfounded confidence as a bludgeon. The use of selective data and half-truths to bolster the spurious and specious. We’ll learn the intricacies of unfounded  argument and unresearched, unaccountable predictions about the future. This subsection will include special attention to declaring things dead and proclaiming that Tik-Tok will change the very 200,000 year-old-evolutionary-biology of our species. We will prove, “attention is dead,” “television is dead,” “the big idea is dead,” “the agency model is dead,” as well as “5G will change everything,” “the content revolution will change everything,” “quantity beats quality and change everything” and more.

Further, we will concentrate on developing new terms for old actions, like curation for editing, storytelling for telling a story and alternate facts for fucking lying.

Attention will be paid to Forming Platitudes, Inspirational Pablum for Profit, Shooting Videos from the front seat of your mom’s Toyota Corolla that are badly edited and scripted even worse. We will consider my seminal study, “Don’t Take My Name in Vayn (erchuk)” in which we will learn how to always have three-day-growth of beard, how to scream at a camera and how to inherit $50 million dollars yet proclaim yourself self-made. We will further learn how to repurpose content, syndicate content, call bad cartoons content and otherwise slice and dice and distribute garbage.

Seating is limited. Standing is unlimited. Retching is required.

·      Introduction to Swagger
·      Swagger 101
·      Swagger 201
·      “All Sizzle, No Steak for leaders"
·     “Becoming a Brand-Expert While
Never Having Built a Brand”
·     “Tannenbaum on Tannenbom-bast"


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