Monday, January 7, 2008

The Big Think.

The world doesn't need another website. But seems to have some promise. I read about it in The New York Times this morning. You can read about it here.

Basically, it is meant to be "a YouTube for ideas."

It's too early to really know if is worth a time investment. But I will tell you this--they need to do some work on their production. Their five minute introductory was sloppily edited and typographically crappy. Not a professional image for what could be an important site.

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Unknown said...

looks like a promising idea, a youtube for grownups and serious matters.
my problem with so called social sites is that the content is completely unqualified. which is a good thing on one hand, cumbersome on the other.
What floats to the top do so because a number of people I know nothing about looked at it or favored it somehow.People with endless abnount of time doing little else than surfing youtube.
the lack of qualified editing could be what might undo sites like think big. when there's a zillion of entries and stuff keeps poring in it'll turn random.
It probably needs a classification of content similar to a library to start with in order to work long term.
sure, i know, search, but still. or i'm totally wrong as usual.