Monday, April 7, 2008

A lesson on decimal points.

For whatever reason, despite their fascination with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, regardless of their MBAs and their proclivity toward numbers crunching, most clients, and agencies for that matter, have a decimal place problem.

Clients think nothing of spending, say, $5000/frame on a television commercial (roughly $1.5 million for a :30), are loathe to do anything but the basest cretinous crap when it comes to alternative media. I keep telling clients, "You are off by two decimal points." And they keep looking at me like I'm mad. I'm mad alright, but I'm not crazy.

If you want to be a cheap ass shit head bastard skinflint mofo in "below the line" media, it will reflect poorly on your brand. It all works together you cheap ass shit head bastard skinflint mofos.

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