Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some clarification.
We use words and phrases nowadays with such utter imprecision that they have lost much of their meaning. Last summer I went to Egypt and saw the pyramids and the Sphinx. They were awesome. A tuna salad sandwich from Starbucks is not awesome. It's good. Maybe very good. If your standards are low, maybe it's excellent. But awesome. Naw.

When I was 17 or so my friends and I went to a Woody Allen triple feature. They played "Play it Again, Sam," "Take the Money and Run" and "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But We're Afraid to Ask." By the time I got to Gene Wilder and the Sheep I was laughing to the point where it hurt. But I wasn't ROTFL or LMAO.

Often I see people talking about some film clip or some such and then the ubiquitous LMAO. Save it for something really funny.

If every response is exaggerated then no response is real and believable.

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