Monday, November 15, 2010

Beware of Fog.

Beware when you see words like: "evolutionary change." They usually mean you work with and for the timid.

Beware when you see phrases like 1.0, 2.0, beta. They usually mean you work with people who can't make a decision.

Beware when you hear words like "research shows." They are usually the province of people who will use any available scrap of data (real or purported) to undo what needs to be done.

Beware when you read someone's done a "shit load of work in a little time." It usually means there was a lot of wasted effort before a direction was found.

Beware of people who talk of "branding." It usually means they want the logo bigger.

Beware when people talk of "rebranding." It usually means they want the logo bigger and what to charge $1 million for it.

Beware when people talk about marketing as an "experience." It usually means they are well-spoken charlatans.


Anonymous said...


Ive been following your blog on and off for awhile and it definitely appears to me that you're either underemployed (regardless of how big your employer is) or extremely frustrated. Now granted Im in my 30s but if I felt the way you do about the industry, I might want to do something else.


george tannenbaum said...
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george tannenbaum said...

HG, nothing could be further from the truth.

Anonymous said...


Again I am a neophyte but if you love what you do..where is the joy? You seem cranky and unhappy except when you muse on your childhood and oats.

I don't see an engaged creative mind. I see boredom.