Monday, November 1, 2010

I and Thou.

No, I amn't going all Martin Buber on you. What I want to talk about is the word "we" and how it's used in agencies today.

When I work with a partner (which is, unfortunately, becoming less and less frequent) I always use the pronoun "we." As in "We came up with this." This is out of respect for partnership and in full understanding that my partner will carry me during those times that my brain is fallow. We do work together. So no matter who comes up with the actual idea, "we" did the work.

What has happened more and more in agency life is that corollary job functions have arisen to "support" "creative development."

(I feel about as supported as a 97-year-old's scrotum.)

Just now, I got a note from a doe-eyed project manager. She is writing to the client about some work I have to do.

"We will move forward with refining this approach as well as build an estimate and scope. Let us know if you have any additional thoughts as we forge ahead."

So far as I can tell, I will move forward with refining this approach. We has nothing to do with it. And as far as "we forge ahead" goes, I'm going to grab an overpriced sandwich in a little while, sit at my desk and eat it.

Then when we are good and ready, we will belch, we will wash our hands, we will brush our teeth and we will forge ahead.


Red Red said...

Sometimes forging ahead is all you can do. Wish I could lighten your load.

Unknown said...

It's not the doing I protest. It's the allusion that "we're in this together."

Anonymous said...

A 97 year old scrotum and Martin buyer in same entry. I'd say you're definitely spending too much time alone.

Unknown said...

And how do we feel today?, as the nurse would ask.