Monday, November 8, 2010

Butt butt butt.

I'll admit, open as I am, I got a call tonight from a head-hunter. They find you, these head-hunters do. Especially when you work at a hot place (which I do) and when you've worked at hot places (which I have.)

This particular head-hunter was from off the beaten track, head-hunter-wise. Not one of the ones you've heard of. One of those big, corporate ones who don't usually deal with creative types. I could tell that right away. But I'm polite. I decide to hear the fella out.

Until, that is, he is obviously reading from my "linked-in" profile and is asking me to describe each job I've had over the past ten years.

I quickly got off the phone when he called Hal Riney "Hal Heinie."

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