Saturday, November 19, 2011

The value of Facebook.

There is tremendous sturm and drang in our industry over the value of Facebook. Enormous expenditures have been dedicated to building Facebook pages, creating conversations, inciting likes, promoting events. Countless meetings have been convened to discuss Facebook, its power, reach and efficacy. The phrase "Facebook will change everything" has rumbled through the valley, rattled in the dell; knocked upon the mountain and recoiled upon the flat.

That's all fine.

But I think I know the real value of Facebook.

It serves to remind you that a large number of your friends can't spell. And don't know the difference between there, their and they're and its and it's.


Sean Peake said...

I think your being too critical

peggy said...

or: enabling you to build a flock of friends who are most likely not your friends while giving you the possibility to believe you are popular and/or they are your friends who will do something for you when you are in need - like buying your products.

Jeff said...

Your, or is it you're, absolutely write. Or is it right?

rebrivved said...
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rebrivved said...

Marketers get so worked up about Facebook. But Facebook is not for "our industry". A supermarket or car dealership is not my friend in real life, much less on Facebook.
Facebook is for people. People who like to feel connected. And yes, people who sometimes just want an audience--to vent, to tell a story, share a stupid cat video, or just to listen.
Take it at face value and your Facebook friends won't disappoint.