Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dark thoughts. But true.

They come armed with degrees from prestigious schools.

They've been carefully taught to be incisive.



They are supported by cadres of consultants.

Reams of research.

Behavior scientists.

They understand issues before the issues ever arise.

They are prepared for everything.

Especially the things that never happen.

They smile through their lies.

And lie through their logic.

They have complete confidence and faith in their fear of being found out.

They have immunized themselves against emotion.

They have gutted gut.

Their instincts stink.

This is our life.

It's completely out of scope.


Anonymous said...

Dark George very dark. I'm getting worried about you. Iirs not life and death, it's advertising. If your contempt is that high, why stay there?

Roger Baxter

Anonymous said...


This may be the darkest post from you yet.

Need a day off?