Saturday, December 15, 2012

Malcolm X and Bertoldt Brecht.

Over 50 years ago Malcolm X, gunned down, remarked that America's 'chickens will come home to roost.' That a country in which violence is so endemic, which treats 15% of its citizens with such brutality, would eventually pay the price.

Malcolm was excoriated for his words, but it appears he was right.

The mass murder in Connecticut is just the latest carnage in "the land of the free."

There are, according to Wikipedia, 114 companies in the United States that make guns. If you make guns, have guns, sell guns, collect guns, legalize guns in every corner of the country, guns will be used.

As Bertoldt Brecht said in "Mother Courage" many years ago, "Peace is a waste of equipment." If you make weapons you will use weapons.

It's that simple.

That played out in Connecticut yesterday.

It will play out someplace else tomorrow.

We are our own victims.

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