Monday, October 28, 2013

Acidopholusly dumb.

There are a lot of bad ads in the world. But worse than bad ads are dumb ads. Ads that are not just bad, they're a few congressmen short of a shut down.

I saw this one this morning as I walked to the editor.

I am a fan of yogurt.

I am a fan of flavor.

I am even a fan of the subway.

But I'd never coincide the subway and flavor-packed.


Bob said...

What, you don't occasionally lick your fellow straphangers?

To add to the stupidity, they hyphenated "rush hour," which shouldn't be, and didn't hyphenate "flavor-packed," which should be.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the majority of what we are bombarded with today in the form of advertising is horrible. The irony, of course, is that the people who create it are quick to decry others work when much of their own would fall into this category. A bloody contradiction for those who reflect upon it. In the business, not many do which is why vile spewing sites like Agency Spy exist.