Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Email marketing, and then some.

Every morning I wake up and do what so many slavish salarymen do all around the world. I barely peck my wife and pet my dog before I check my email.

We have been Pavlovicized by beeps, rings, flashes and numbers in bright red to believe that all hell will break loose if we don't check check check our various email accounts to see what we've been missing while we grab a few hours of anxious, restless sleep.

I check my mail and delete the noxious.

The magic fruit weight-loss advice from someone named Dr. Oz.

The 2.75 mortgages that will change my life.

The cars at half price.

The e-imprecation to once again to all caps do my time sheets because it's a) the start of a month; b) the middle of a month; c) the end of a month or d) over 20 minutes since we last screamed at you.

We are assaulted and barraged by this nonsense and more.

Meeting invites that slice your day into 19 half-hour segments, none of which include time for a shit or for lunch.

We are captives of this stupid system.

Where all is junk and junk is all.

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