Friday, October 25, 2013

Cutting staff.

A friend of mine wrote to me.

Her office is switching to open plan by the start of December.

She said she's never heard anyone say "I like an open plan." She's never heard anyone say all the things the penny-pinchers claim about open plan. That it assists collaboration and adds to creativity.

That's hogwash, she asserted.

It's all about more bodies in less space, saving rent.

Yesterday I read a thing in "The New York Times" that the average person passes gas 22 times a day.

My friend's open plan office will have 57 people seated at long tables.

Per eight hours each of those people will fart 1/3 of 22 times.

7.33 farts/work day.

Times 57 people.

That's an office space punctuated by 417.8 farts a day.

That's a lot of methane.

Breathe deep and create.


Sean Peake said...

Her troubles are all behind her

TheBigMacGaul said...

Artsy fartsy advertising.

Anonymous said...

God, what a weak post George. Bathroom humor?

Come on my friend, you can do much better than this.

-- Sergy Z