Monday, February 24, 2014

All my life's a phone tree.

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Phone trees are one of the many banes of the modern world. If you have a complaint, a question, a return, or simply want to spend your money, you have to deal with a phone tree. And thence wait and wait and wait. And listen to banal blathering. And ultimately come away less-than-satisfied.

One thing I've noticed of late is that the modern ad agency functions in a way that resembles a phone tree.

If you have an issue, or a request, or a complaint, or even (perish the thought) a point of view, you get shuttled between people with lofty titles, none of whom can address your concern.

"I think there's too much work being shown in this pitch."

"Well, talk to Bobby."

"Bobby, I think Ron and Raoul's campaign is off strategy and shouldn't be shown."

"Well Elbert likes it and he's running this. Talk to Elbert."


"Yeah, Bobby mentioned that to me, but it's Pam's favorite. Besides the work is already in the deck."

No conclusion.

No accountability.

No satisfaction.

The same run-around is in effect no matter what your issue.

We have meted out giant titles.

But not balls.

We live in a growing chasm of irresponsibility.

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