Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yesterday the inimitable Rich Siegel of Round Seventeen renown wrote a post called "I am not Veal." You can read Rich's wonderful post here.

Specifically the post was about a giant desk at the Barbarian Group which allocates each of their 100+ workers little more than that allotted to a baby calf.

Rich, I think you're right.

We are not veal.

We are supermarket tomatoes.

We are so processed, so genetically modified, so mutated that we have lost all our flavor, our looks, our texture.

We are bland.

Packaged for the utmost efficiency.

Injected with chemicals and sprayed to be just the right hue.

And no one really likes us.

This might be apocryphal but I remember hearing that fruit scientists were trying to develop square tomatoes so they could be packaged and shipped more efficiently.

I think most agencies would be happy with human stumps.

They could stuff a couple dozen of us where now only a couple can fit.

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