Monday, August 17, 2015

Prior to two-weeks offsite.

I am a solitary worker. I enjoy shooting the shit with planners and art directors and even supervisors. But when I have something to really do, I arrive at work at six or seven. Usually by that point I've turned the issue over in my head a couple hundred times. Usually I have an idea or two that I think are pretty good.

I arrive early and work out the 'structure' of the idea. I work to put it in the shape it needs to be in.

That's how I work.

That's how I write.

That's how I formulate ideas.

It's not a group activity to me.

I guess I'm not loose enough, confident enough to brain blurt. I tend to keep to myself. Until I've worked out what I need to work out.

We'll see how the next two weeks goes.

Two weeks of brain storming.

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