Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The pitch.

For the past month, a group of about 60 of us from literally around the world, have been holed up in a lavish Soho loft working on a giant pitch.

Today, we had our big presentation to The National Caper Board (NCB). Three fully-blown out campaigns, with TV, print, radio, mobile ads, activation, video case studies, landing pages, outdoor and sundry other channels represented.

I worked on all three of the campaigns we presented.

1) Capers. The salt of the Earth.  And,
2) Start a Caper caper. And finally...
3) Be more Caper-ble.

To say we blew the client away would be an understatement. We made them laugh, we made them cry. We even made them think.

No decision yet on the pitch.

BBDO goes tomorrow.

Wieden on Friday.

It's big, this one.

Fingers crossed.

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