Tuesday, December 19, 2017


AD AGED: So, you’re a CIO. I assume that means 
                   Chief Information Officer?

CIO:           Nothing could be more passe, or off the mark. We are post information.

AD AGED: Then what does CIO stand for?

CIO:           I am the Chief Invitation Officer.

AD AGED: Interesting.

CIO:           Not interesting. Invitation.

AD AGED: What exactly do you do as Chief Invitation Officer?

CIO:           I send out invitations. Just as you’re about to get some work done—to write a bit of copy, or sit with your partner, or even do some background reading, I make sure you’re invited to a meeting.

AD AGED: I see. And the reason for these invitations?

CIO:           Well as CIO, I like to make sure our conference rooms are always booked and nine or 14 people are in them discussing things that could have been covered by three people and a
six-minute phone call.

AD AGED: So, is it safe to say, as Chief Invitation Officer you make sure we spend our days in meetings?

CIO:           That’s right. Particularly meetings scheduled during lunch, when no lunch will be served.

AD AGED: I might be missing something, but what’s the purpose behind all these many meetings?

CIO:           Easy. If you’re in meetings all day, it means you have to work all night. That means more billable hours.

AD AGED: Well, thank you for your time today.

CIO:           Yes, I have to cut this short. 
                  Obviously, I have a meeting to go to.


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